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1. A Lack Of Realistic Training

Most people don’t train properly, if they bother to train at all,and the people that train don’t train often enough or properly.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Since most of us have not been in a shooting how can we understand the way shootings happen or how the criminals think or operate. Compound that situation by our lack of understanding the state laws, escalating use of force, lethal force, or actually using any force. And the decisions can be over -whelming.

It’s okay to take some time to process

Some people make a conviction easy for the prosecutor at the scene of the shooting. They feel the need to tell their story and say what happened. More often than not what they say isn’t what they mean or what happened. In other words, be quite and don’t say anything until your lawyer is there to speak for you” give yourself time to process and be clear on the matter. If a cop asks what happened, Stop, think and I say I want my my lawyer present. He or she will explain it all to you. Don’t be in a hurry to get your 5 to 10 minutes of fame and 10 years in prison. The prosecutor will spin anything you say against you. It’s their job to prosecute and use your words against you. If you are not in fear for your life, or someone else’s gross bodily injury, then you are not justified in using counter-force at all.

A legal concept to understand.

It’s the same legal concept that says, you can’t just show someone your gun to scare them off to avoid trouble. Because if you show them your gun, you weren’t in eminent danger of your life or gross bodily injury, or you’d shot your gun. That’s the way the law works.

2. Use-Of-Force Knowledge

A big mistake that some shooters make is that they are unclear about knowing the law and about the “use of lethal force”. Ignorance is no excuse, you could be sent to jail for just brandishing their gun, even if they don’t touch it. The legal standard for showing an attacker your gun as a deterrent is just a hair away from the legal standards that exist to shoot it in self defense. There is no clear cut, right and wrong and you’re going to be under high stress. So, say as little as possible until you have representation that can protect you. You must understand , doing something reactive along with ignorance of the law can send you to jail. Understand This, if you present your gun, I even pull your coat back to reveal you’ve got a gun in your waistband,  that can be charged as felony menacing. People do and will overreact, especially in this anti-gun climate.

Expect that even bystanders, may report you to the cops or become a witness for the prosecution.

Expect that someone may even have video of the incident. Then you must justify why you showed your gun, or the DA is going to charge you with felony menacing or brandishing a firearm. No worries, if you have deep pockets, and good attorney they will offer you a plea bargain.

3. Square-Range Bad Habits

One of the biggest mistakes shooters make is spend all of their training time at the range behind a table shooting paper targets at 15 yards. Most ranges don’t allow you to move off the table on a firing range.Some don’t even let you draw from the holster and fire. Most of the time at the range you just stand there and try to make good groups. However, could be fatal in a gunfight.

Most people don’t train for the actual skill set you need in real-world gunfight.

To survive a gun fight, you’ve got be trained for the real world here now in 2020. The problems, the headaches, and mental and financial cost may have you wishing you just ran away from the trouble. Even if you think you know the law, you must be within use-of-force issues in your state.

Train in more than just a static environment, train to be able to stay alive in life and death situations and keep your head so you don’t make a mistake that sends you to prison.


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