Anti-gunners using Corona Virus to push Bill HR 838

Constitution and 2 Amendment – bill of rights the left only acknowledges the right to take.

The Constitution, the 2 Amendment, Bill of Rights the left only believes in them, when it’s time to take them.

As a red blooded American, I believe we must push back and always be wary of protecting the The Constitution, the 2 Amendment, Bill of Rights. these document that acknowledge the rights of Americans and our God-given rights of the individual. Now more than ever, everything coming out of Washington DC and the Democratic run States must be on scrutinized. All because of left leaning and progressive Governors, and their henchman in the Media. They gladly use the corona virus pandemic as an excuse to give the government more power to abuse gun owners.

Two of the most dis-likable people in DC Representatives, Sheila Jackson Lee (D -TX-18) and (wannabe) Eric Swalwell (D-CA-15) are both co-sponsors of HR. 838, the House Version of TAPS.

There is a Senate version, S. 265, that has been introduced by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and is co-sponsored by Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ). Sen. Rubio, who is one of the loudest advocates of “red flag” gun confiscation from either party, also introduced S.7, his own “red flag” bill last year. TAPS Act rips up the Bill of Rights, like Nancy Pelosi at the State of the Union speech. It further enables government agents to target citizens before any crime that is committed.

The combination of TAPS and “red flag” laws is where things get sketchy. If TAPS is adopted by a “red flag” state, the TAPS Act can very easily be abused by un-elected self proclaimed do-gooder’s to unilaterally seek out gun owners and confiscate their firearms without, due process and with no crime having ever been committed.

It’s scary to see trusted organizations supposedly pro-gun, publishing articles that are endorsing laws like the TAPS Act and “red flag” gun confiscation. In times of uncertainty and fear, food shortages and unemployment , a Pandemic ! Pro-gun citizens must unite in defense of our God-given rights, not allow the left and do-gooder’s to come up with ways for the government to take rights away from them. 

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