Sheriff’s swear an oath to uphold the constitution.

The Sheriff releases criminals, into the community but, says you can’t have a gun. Guns are a bad idea now that people are “Staying at Home”.

This is no time to push the democrat socialist agenda. People are scared, of several possible outcomes. All valid concerns that affect themselves their families.

First and foremost is concern for not just ourselves but, for our families health. We all feel the need to protect our loved ones and the uncertainty of the possibility of contracting the Corona Virus and that possibility has many people scared. And with times of fear and uncertainty bad people sometimes do bad things. A sheriff that won’t allow guns, or permits and ammo sales is not adhering the their oath of office.

Fear of unemployment, financial ruin and simply worrying about paying bills and buying food (if you can get it) has everyone on edge. That being said if a person is desperate. They will do almost anything, that’s why you deserve to exercise your right to “Keep and Bear Arms”

If you just purchased a gun get some training it’s not as simple as point and shoot. If it was the US government wouldn’t require 250,000 rounds per enemy shot and killed.

This topic was originally written about By Christine Favocci, The Western Journal.

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